About Us


Gage enables people to travel anywhere as if they know a local. By using travel as a medium, we are empowering individuals to enGAGE with the world and people around them, expanding their local and global perspectives.

Gage Inc.’s core values include respect, stewardship, authenticity, exploration, and community, which all work in unison to welcome all into the Gage community.

Core values


Gage Inc. developed when the founder, Soffonias Gebrehiwot, found himself in an uncomfortable situation when he did not understand the culture of Munich, Germany. It happened when there was not enough seating in a restaurant for the two locals who came and asked him to use the chairs at his table. Consequently, they ended up sitting at his table with him, bewildered he asked the server what was happening and the server explained that this was the norm when seating was low. He and the locals had a genuine conversation all through the night that expanded their minds by learning about their different cultures and backgrounds.


By going through this experience, he founded Gage Inc. to help people travel outside their comfort zone. Gage Inc. is the link between the different possibilities within a city and the ways in which a person explores them! Through this interaction, people are able to dive into what the city has to offer and even engage with locals to make the experience more intimate and unique!


In growing Gage Inc., we will build the infrastructure for a truly interconnected world, where people are able to travel to new continents as easily as traveling within their own city! Through the Gage platform, we will empower travelers to immerse themselves into new cultures and places to which they have always dreamed of travelling. We hope to be the catalyst in users exploring places they have never considered before. With our true peer-to-peer travel platform, we will be able to connect users with locals whom are able to answer questions, educate travelers about the culture, and show them around the city. Gage Inc. strives for the engagement in new cities to build the bridge between cultures for genuine interactions.